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the Impact Platform

At MedicalSuite, we pioneered a new approach to solving the critical challenges facing new VBC entrants. 


We call it an Impact Platform - a shared chassis to empower communities and health systems in developing cohesive, value-based healthcare ecosystems.

VBC "Point-Solutions" are struggling for sunlight...

Gate Keepers

Few point-solutions have a direct path to an end-client.  Most have to navigate the challenging maze of insurance brokers and benefits consultants who hold keys to paying clients.

Solution Overload

Each point-solution solves a narrow, incremental problem.  And each is competing for the attention span of a paying client.  Most solution providers claim to "solve" a problem.  But healthcare is vast, and even a large improvement achieved in a narrow lane won't make a dramatic impact on its own.  Most healthcare services purchasers are overwhelmed by the variety of options and many already report a Soltuion Overload.

Unsustainable "Stack" Economics

Each incremental solution, beset by its own infrastructure, development, and distribution costs, is competing for the limited budget of paying customers.  A large "solution-stack" quickly becomes unsustainable for healthcare purchasers.

Our Solution

Our solution takes the form of a unified “Platform” for point-solution integration. 


The purpose of a Platform is not to muscle past other solution providers, but to bring them together under a mutual economic structure and shared technological architecture.  Our Platform-based approach solves “solution overload” and empowers key Community players with a turn-key alternative with main VBC elements integrated into it. 

The Platform approach allows both incremental and "all-in" integration of VBC structure into local markets.  

The end goal is an emergence of a local VBC ecosystem that becomes sustainable on its own.  While the resulting Ecosystem remains “local”, the Platform approach is scalable and highly mobile.

At MedicalSuite, we developed our own proprietary system of Platform development.  We call it Clinical Integration as a Service (“CIaaS”).          

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