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The "Assembly-Required" barrier.

Healthcare is fragmented.  So are the emerging VBC point-solutions.  Traditionally, healthcare customers rely on brokers and consultants to "assemble" a healthcare plan from hundreds of available options.  This "assembly-required" approach is one of the primary barriers to widespread adoption of the emerging VBC products.  

CIaaS:  No Assembly Required. 

An effective, scalable healthcare solution requires a shared, interconnected architecture, data sharing, performance management, validation, and dozens of other integrated components.  

Most VBC solutions are never fully integrated into a larger strategy and, thus, never live up to their potential.  And third-party integration attempts (typically by an insurance broker) lack the necessary architecture to make it meaningful.  

At MedicalSuite, we have developed a unique approach we call Clinical Integration as a Service ("CIaaS").  Our approach assembles the necessary architecture for a comprehensive VBC solution offering into a cohesive package that is inherently mobile, requires no further "assembly" locally, and is ready for rapid deployment. 

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