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We are MedicalSuite - a team of experienced entrepreneurs and executives who've been at the forefront of the value-based care movement since its inception.  

Transforming healthcare into what it should be is our life's work.  We hope you can join us in our mission.  

Why MedicalSuite

We’ve been at the tip of the spear of this change before the term “value-based healthcare” even existed. 

15 years ago, in a small inconspicuous conference room in Denver, Colorado, the founders of now-MedicalSuite drew the future on a cheap whiteboard.  In all honesty, in most ways we stumbled into it, just by asking questions and paying attention.  But we’ve been pursuing this vision ever since. 

The term “value-based care” was already coined by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg.  But, at the time, it was still mostly an unknown phrase on an academic paper.  By the time we learned the term – the now-founders of MedicalSuite have already launched a series of companies that were the very first wave of this movement toward Direct and Value-Based Care.

As every innovative solution always goes, the value-based care movement started on the far fringes of the healthcare space, in far corners where no-one was looking.  That’s the path we’ve taken– from the fringes to the mainstream.  Much has changed since.  And we’re proud to say that our team is responsible for a non-trivial amount of that change. 

Our team today consists of experienced entrepreneurs and executives who have personally touched every aspect of the emerging value-based care market.  We’ve built networks, launched Direct Care businesses, integrated innovative care models, built technology infrastructure, transformed care models, trained medical staff, designed value-based health plans, engineered sophisticated data exchanges, and advised countless others along the way. 

We really haven’t counted, but the combined experience of MedicalSuite’s founders in value-based space is well over half-a-century. 

 If you are a fellow traveler and believe that the future lies down this path – we would love to share our experience and knowledge with you. 

Let’s talk. 

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