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We work with clients and partners across all phases of the VBC transformation cycle.   

Read more about the four quadrants of the VBC project cycle:


Strategic Advisory

We work with a variety of clients, mid-project or blank page, to help them achieve meaningful transofmration toward VBC.  

Learn more about our Strategic Advisory Services:  


Service/Product Engineering 

Whether a new solution provider or an experienced healthcare organizations looking to build a new VBC service- we can help design and engineer an offering that meets the needs of your market and customers. 

Learn more about VBC Service/Product Engineering


Value-Based Architecture Services

Work with us to develop or integrate an existing VBC platform that unifies and optimizes your value-based projects and initiatives for maximum impact. 

Learn More About our VBC Platform Services


Data and Technology Services

Deliberate data and technology model is a key component to the success of your VBC strategy.  We can help you engineer and field a solution optimized for the unique needs of VBC.

Learn more about our Data and Technology Services:  


Market Deployment

Have an existing VBC offering?  Talk to us about bringing it to market.  

Learn more about bringing your VBC project to market:  


Interim Executive Services

If you need an experienced executive to join your team and help your organization achieve a VBC transformation - we can help. 

Learn more about our Executive Services:  


Capitalization and Financial Strategy

The VBC market is an emerging landscape that requires a fresh approach in all areas.  The financial needs of a VBC Strategy are no exception.  We can help you capitalize your VBC strategy. 

Learn more about our Financial and Capitalization Advisory:  


Transaction and M&A Services

We help capital allocators and capital seekers successfully evaluate, navigate, and execute transactions in the VBC space. 

Learn more about our Transaction Support work:  


Value-Based Network Engineering

We help engineer, integrate, and manage purpose-built VBC networks. 

Learn more about our Network Engineering Work:  

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“You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it requires people to make the dream a reality.” 


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