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Value-Based Architecture Engineering

Compared to Fee-for-Service ("FFS"), the Value-Based approach has a unique challenge and an opportunity - all in one.  


An FFS product can survive and thrive on its own in a fragmented system - the entire FFS exists to accommodate that.  But a VBC product has no value if it lacks interoperability, data integration, patient navigation, and other cross-cooperative components that ultimately create the "value" in value-based care.


Since a true value-based Strategy requires collaboration between multiple point-solutions and providers - it must have a shared underlying architecture.  This architecture brings VBC solutions together into common technology and data infrastructure and integrates a set of shared services that optimizes care, improves patients experience, and maximizes overall clinical and financial outcomes.    

Value-Based Architecture 

Over the years, we have developed and optimized a framework for value-based system architecture. 

The end product is not just a "stack" of disparate tools.  It requires careful integration, thoughtful data strategy, and deliberate management to outcomes.  

MedicalSuite can empower your VBC strategy via a custom-design of your own VBC platform architecture. 


We can transform and adopt your existing legacy capabilities, introduce new point-solutions into the mix, and integrate the necessary pieces from our own toolbox that we have built over the years. 

Platform Architecture.png
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