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Value-Based Care
Technology Architecture

Systems Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive systems assessments tailored to the unique needs of your VBC strategy. Our expertise lies in evaluating your existing technology infrastructure, data capabilities, and operational workflows to provide actionable insights and recommendations, ensuring a seamless transition to value-based care while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your technology investments.

Operations and Support

Our technical expertise can help guide your strategic direction for ongoing operations and support in your VBC-facing systems. Let us guide you in technical requirements of enterprise operating systems, load balancing, database administration, identity management infrastructure, security, server architecture, and disaster recovery planning. 

Enterprise Architecture

We help organizations develop strategies, standards, configurations, and technical services required by transition toward VBC. We can help translate needs into actions, and ensure that infrastructure services are paired to actual need. We ensure that your VBC strategy is enabled by the most purpose-fit tools and technologies.

Information Architecture

We help clients identify the interfaces, protocols, and parameters of your data systems and turn them into actionable information relevant to your VBC strategy. 

Systems Design, Engineering, and Integration

 MedicalSuite can help translate your VBC strategy into user needs, and then translate these needs into system-level technical requirements. Take advantage of our expertise to identify components, interfaces, and key data needed to meet your tactical VBC needs.

Point-Solution Integration

We have unique expertise in evaluating, selecting, and orchestrating the integration of VBC point-solutions to ensure they harmonize with your existing infrastructure.   Our experience will help you harness the full potential of innovative technologies within the value-based care framework.".

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