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Strategic Capital Advisory

Novel Insights for Novel Opportunities


The growth of capital investment into value-based assets by hospitals over the course of the COVID pandemic.

Projected total Enterprise Valuation for payors, providers, and investors in value-based space over the next 5 years, based on current growth factors.

$1 trillion

Expert Advice Across the VBC Continuum

As the VBC marketplace begins to evolve and consolidate, the pace and novel pressures are being felt across the entire healthcare industry. 


 At MedicalSuite, we have the knowledge and experience needed for designing and optimizing value-based strategy and structure; aligning hospitals, physicians, and purchasers; and analyzing the details of value-based economics.

We can help you define transaction objectives, thoroughly assess available options, and identify optimal strategy and structure. We'll evaluate strategic gaps, financial and operational performance, competitive environment, and project the future state of the market and your role in it.

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