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Healthcare is Local

Years of experience in this space have taught us that healthcare is and will always remain “local”.  Even the most scalable solution in healthcare will have to solve for the various aspects of locality.  However, a sustainable solution or a product also needs to be scalable and mobile.  So how do you solve for these seemingly diametrically opposing problems?    

Community-Based Strategy

We believe that the “locality” challenge is best solved via an approach that we call “Community-Based Strategy”. 

Many startups over the years claimed to be the “Uber of Healthcare”.  The reason such an approach always fails is because of the emotional and practical need of the patient to “know their doctor”.  Even the most-funded “point solution” will fail to muscle its way into a local market.  Our Community-Based Strategy avoids an unwinnable battle and enlists the local community instead, to incrementally shift the local market toward value without a dramatic upheaval. 

At MedicalSuite, we have successfully implemented numerous Community-Based projects that successfully integrated VBC concepts into local ecosystems using a variety of partnership strategies and economic models. 



Employer/Public Service Consortiums


Development Projects


Joint Ventures

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