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Strategic Advisory Overview

Our seasoned team of experts can help develop and execute your existing or emerging Value-Based Healthcare initiatives.   With experience across the entire continuum of value-based healthcare, our insights and expertise are tested by more than a decade of transformative work.   

We can assist mid-project or develop an entirely new, informed value-based strategy.  by collaborating with our clients to assess various strategic opportunities and potential threats.  We work closely with senior leaders to ensure that your transformation to value is deliberate, impactful, and permanent.  

The Evolution of Healthcare

The landscape of our industry is changing.  As the economic models shift toward value, traditional lines between payers and providers are blurring.  Cross-collaboration is increasing.  The sophistication and desires of clients are changing.  New networks are being created.  And some providers are even adopting their own insurance-replacement products.

Innovation and Disruption

COVID-19 forced a rapid transformation of digital health. Simultaneously, the weaknesses and risks of the FFS medicine were exposed. As the FFS model was never developed or optimized for virtual medicine, the urgency for a transition to value-based medicine became evident and acute.

Time to Look Forward

The dynamics of the shift toward value-based economic model swung the door open for innovative solutions that didn’t have a foothold in the traditional FFS model. New digital solutions are rapidly emerging and advancing—such as new models of virtual medicine, remote patient monitoring, digital “front door”, process automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence integration, and other solutions. New clinical solutions are also emerging, offering cost-effective step therapies and alternative care pathways that did not exist under FFS. We help our clients optimize their forward-looking strategy for the future – digitizing patient journey, introducing alternative pathways, and bringing them all together under joint economics, shared architecture, and central care optimization, patient navigation, and quality assurance.

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Market and Opportunity Assessment

Entering a market with a new VBC offering is a move into uncharted waters. This is particularly true for the most experienced healthcare providers. The old assumptions simply do not apply – the economics are different, the motivations are different, customers’ decision making is different. And, critically, the market moves quick. Before making a decision, a market and opportunity assessment is a smart move. And MedicalSuite can help. With decades of experience, we can see not only what is happening now, but we have a unique “crystal ball” that will help you better project what lies ahead. The basics of market assessment and financial projections are a bit of a “no-brainer” in the consulting field. Unique insights into the past and the future of an emerging field are harder to come by. Talk to us – we can help.

Community Health Strategy

We work with community leaders, local governments, and public/private consortiums to develop sustainable transformation strategy that introduces value-based alternatives into the local marketplace and begins growing a local health ecosystem, while minimizing resistance from legacy participants and enlisting them into the transformation over time.

Health System Transformation Strategy

Health care systems around the country are facing many challenges: decreasing population health, disruptive digital forces, growing community expectations, and rising costs. We work with health systems, community leaders, and organizational consortiums to solve these challenges via a transformation toward value-based health strategy. The ultimate goal – a new platform for transformation toward value and a growing ecosystem of value-based providers, services, and new economics.

Investment and Portfolio Strategy

Asset holders and portfolio managers are facing many challenges in their traditional book of business – from slowing growth and price pressures to a rapidly changing landscape of the entire industry. Those looking to shift capital into emerging digital health products and value lanes, are looking at a growing field of fragmented choices, overlapping value-propositions, and unclear market and growth strategies. We understand the past and the future of the value-based market well. Most importantly, we can help capital allocators make sense of the confusing complexity, determine value of investment opportunities, evaluate their potential, product-market fit, and ability to reach scale. Critically, we can help create strategic coherency and alignment between your assets – current and future. And, in doing so, uncover opportunities for new capital placement, growth acceleration, and value building.

Product/Market Strategy

The emerging VBC market is an unfamiliar territory for most solution builders. Building a new VBC product or a service is a smart move. But the road to commercial success is fraught with unfamiliar dangers, gatekeepers, and deceptive economics of the business. The same road is littered by dozens of VBC start-ups that are no longer around to tell the tale. And yet, a successful launch of a VBC service is worth it. Most importantly – helping to move the needle toward value is highly impactful and is one of the truly meaningful things a healthcare organization can set out to do. We can help you get there. From finding ways into protected markets, to finding unique integration pathways, to finding optimal value-based economic models – we’ve helped launch many successful VBC products into the marketplace.

Growth Strategy

An emerging VBC organization struggling to breakthrough with an otherwise brilliant product is a familiar scenario to us. Achieving change in a giant, conservative, and highly fragmented market can be incredibly difficult. The gatekeepers are many and unfamiliar. And even the economics of your product require a thorough understanding of the complicated maze of other challenges your customers are struggling with. We can help you solve your growth challenges, establish a solid foothold, and build critical relationship to achieve sustainable success as the market continue to change.

VBC Strategy Engineering

Many organizations are new to the Value-Based Care movement. Whether a large health system or a small brokerage agency – talk to us if you need help understanding the emerging VBC landscape and designing a strategy to embrace and adopt it. Having been there since the beginning of this market, we understand the requirements of a successful VBC strategy from A to Z. We can help in many ways, from simply helping educate key stakeholders, to helping you design a comprehensive strategy, to providing you with the necessary tools and technology architecture to succeed.

Impact Strategy Development

Commercial success is important for a new entrant into the VBC market. But we know that for most of us who chose healthcare as our profession – commercial success is only a means to an end. And the end is making a meaningful impact on the lives that we serve. In all engagements – our work always begins and ends with the mission in mind and the impact we want to create. We particularly enjoy working with organizations for whom such impact is one and only goal. We work with foundations, non-profit systems, and community leaders to design targeted impact strategies focusing on healthcare equity, social determinants of health, and access to care – all using the VBC model as the underlying mechanism.

Payor Transformation Strategy

We work with payors to design a deliberate (rather than reactive) strategy to lean into the value-based trends, develop products and services for the changing customer expectations, and achieve a shift toward value in a sustainable pace, conscious of the immediate operational needs of the plan. is critical for driving sustainable growth. We work with payers to achieve operational excellence, IT innovation, delayering, change management, post-merger integration, and profitability improvement.

Purchaser (Client) Strategy

Employers ready to shift their benefits strategy toward value must be prepared for a set of challenges. There will be a significant change in the way healthcare is received by the plan participants. VBC requires a shift in mindset for both employees and healthcare providers. To achieve the desired outcome, employers must look beyond the traditional “tool stack” approach and begin asking questions about managing to outcomes. Data integration, performance analytics, care navigation, direct primary care integration, provider incentives – all become critical pieces of the puzzle that an average insurance broker is not equipped to put together. We can help you navigate these challenges and develop a successful strategy for transitioning to a VBC model. Our experience includes nearly two decades of direct work with employers of all sizes in developing VBC strategies and tactical solutions. The tools you’ll need, the technology architecture, and the integration “know-how” – are all the things we have at our disposal.

MedTech Strategy

The emerging VBC market has opened a variety of new opportunities for MedTech solution providers. We have worked with startups and experienced technology builders to take advantage of these opportunities – at times as just a source of revenue and, sometimes, as a complete strategic pivot. From simply understanding and evaluating opportunities to designing a comprehensive productization strategy for the VBC market – we can help. Talk to us about taking advantage of this unique moment in time




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